JR XG14 14-Channel DMSS System with RG731BX X-Bus Receiver

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JR – JRP00631 – XG14 14ch DMSS System w/RG731BX Rx (Reorder JRP00663)

# of Channels: True 14 Channels (Non Shared)
Modulation: DMSS (Dual Modulation Spread Spectrum)
Band: 2.4GHz
Receiver: RG731BX 7ch X-Bus DMSS Receiver w/Telemetry
Programming Features: Airplane, Sailplane, Helicopter
Model Memory: 30 + SD memory card slot for unlimited model memory and software updates
Modes: 1, 2, 3, 4 User Selectable
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: 6.4V 1400mAh Li-Fe
Charger: Transmiter Charger, A912C US/Japan (JRPC04008)
Output Strength: Full Range

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Product Description

JR® DMSS™ 2.4GHz systems have made a big impression on the RC community, winning many world titles in the two years since its release. The XG line of transmitters are not only functional, their unique shape and precision features deliver outstanding balance that’s instantly apparent the moment you feel it in your hands. If you’ve been told that looks are only skin deep, then the software in an XG radio proves otherwise. Its intuitive programming is as easy to use as it is powerful and it’s all delivered using the exclusive DMSS (Dual Modulation Spectrum System) protocol that’s proved to be among the fastest and safest radio links you’ll ever find for RC. Now 2013 is shaping up to be another bench mark year for JR with the introduction of the amazing XG14 with X-Bus compatibility.

The new XG14 is designed to be lightweight yet versatile because its packed with features that can make even the most demanding RC pilot more efficient and capable than ever before. Based on the same premium gimbals found only in the 12X, the control stick mechanisms in the XG14 feature a CNC machined aluminum gimbal chassis that provides the ultimate in precision feel, with no flex at quick and full stick extremes as found with plastic base gimbals. The newly developed X-BUS serial connection system simplifies servo wiring, and offers complete compatibility for most popular gyro setups. X-BUS offers full linear, non-shared channel update rates for all 14 channels, with enhanced mixing settings for more complicated large aircraft setups.

Dual Modulation Spectrum System (DMSS) 2.4GHz protocol offers a secure radio link that combines DSSS and FHSS capabilities into a wideband transmission system that includes high-speed response and high resistance against RF noise. One benefit of DMSS is the JR® bi-directional communication capability that supplies telemetry information. Receiver voltage telemetry is built in as standard in every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors will give you real time feedback of information from your model.

A new-generation, long-life Li-Fe battery powers the XG14, which contributes to a large reduction in transmitter weight. The charging control circuit is built into the transmitter. Using an automatic safety system, “Model Link Bind,” the receiver will not operate if the correct model has not been selected in the transmitter before flight. The included RG731BX receiver features expandable capability that allows for connection of up to 7 channels of standard control (non X-BUS) servos. No matter what kind of airplane, helicopter or glider you fly, the XG14 is designed to enhance your control and deliver an evolutionary level of precision that is genuine JR.

Standard XG14 System Includes:
• RG731BX X-BUS 7-Ch DMSS 2.4GHz receiver
• RA01T Remote Antenna/Telemetry Module
• Li-Fe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
• NEC-A912 JR 9.0V power adapter
• Bind plug
JR® XG14 Key Features
• Large, backlit screen
• 30-model internal memory
• Airplane, helicopter and glider program options
• SD card slot for data sharing, storage and updates (SD card required)
• Li-Fe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
• Integrated charging circuit
• 9V AC/DC adapter supplied with automatic shut down
• Lightweight (770 g) transmitter design
• Easily adapts to stick modes 1–4
• Data entry via scroll bar and four push-button keys
• Telemetry with receiver voltage sensor built in
• Optional telemetry sensors available
• Stick tension and spring adjustment
• Dual trim options
• Dual side slide-lever controls
• Touch Select System for switch selection
• User selected menu for frequently used functions
• Eight channel failsafe
• User assigned switch function
• Programmable throttle cut
• Two independent programmable timers

JR XG14 Specifications
Type of control: 14-channel with computer mixing
Program Options: Airplane, Glider and Helicopter
Model Memory: 30
Neutral Position: 1.5ms
Frequency: 2.4GHz wideband technology
Modulation: DMSS (Dual Modulation Spectrum System)
Telemetry: Standard Rx Voltage, plus multiple options
TX Battery: Li-Fe 6.4V, 1400mAh 2S transmitter battery pack
Charger: Integrated charging circuit uses 9V AC/DC adapter (included)
Receiver: 7Ch RG731BX X-BUS DMSS 2.4GHz high-speed receiver w/remote antenna/telemetry module (included)
Data Save: SD Card Support (SD card required)


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