Tattu FatShark Goggle 2s LiPo Battery Pack 30C (7.4V/2500mAh)

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Tattu 2500mAh 2S1P Fatshark Goggles Battery has high quality, the weigh only about 102g, it can make your Goggles for a long time, 2500mAh battery is a great Fatshark Goggles replacement lipo battery.

Product Description

The Tattu 2500mAh 2s 7.4V LiPo Battery is an excellent upgrade for the original Fat Shark LiPo battery! Providing an incredibly high quality cell, and much larger capacity, the Tattu LiPo pack provides all the same features as the original battery, with better specifications that will provide more run time and much longer lifetime. Superior cell matching at the factory ensures that the cells will be of the highest quality and as closely matched as possible, to ensure you can properly charge and storage charge your battery.

Capacity: 2500mAh
Voltage: 2s 7.4V
Weight: 102g
Size: 74x38x19mm
Connector Type: Barrel Connector & XH Balance Plug


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