O.S. Max .46AXII ABL Airplane Engine w/Muffler

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This is the O.S. Max .46AXII ABL Airplane Engine with the E-3071 Muffler. This engine features an Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner that uses a double layer of plating material rather than one thick layer. This helps the metal to bond to the cylinder and increases durability. Also, the plating process is more consistent, resulting in a more precise fit between the piston and sleeve for better compression and longer life. The E-3071 side exhaust Power Box muffler features a squared-off shape, enabling the Power Box it to fit into a variety of cowls avoiding the frustrations of compatibility issues.

Product Description


Advanced Bi-Metallic Liner
40K carburetor with rear angled needle valve for added safety
E-3071 Power Box muffler included
Ball bearing supported crankshaft
Two-year limited warranty through Hobby Services beginning at date of purchase

Displacement: 0.455 cubic in (7.45cc)
Bore: 0.866in (22mm)
Stroke: 0.772in (19.6mm)
Practical RPM: 2000-17000
Power Output: 1.65PS, 1.67HP/16000 RPM
Weight: 13.3oz (378g) without muffler
Recommended Propellers: 10.5×6, 11×6-8, 12×6-7, use 10×6 for break-in
Crankshaft Size: 1/4-28
Distance from remote needle to end of crankshaft: 4.7in (119.4mm)
Distance from center of engine to drive hub: 2.4in (61mm)
Distance from center of engine to end of crankshaft: 3.4in (87.6mm)
Distance/crankshaft center to muffler exhaust outlet: 3.9in (100.5mm)
Height from crankcase bottom to top of cylinder head: 3.3in (85.2mm)
Height/crankshaft center to top of cylinder head: 2.6in (67.4mm)
Width including mounting tabs: 2in (50.8mm)
Width not including mounting tabs: 1.4in (35.6mm)
Width/mounting hole centers same side: .69in (17.5mm)
Width/mounting hole centers opposite side: 1.7in (44mm)
Diameter of muffler body: 1.5in (38.1mm)
Angle of muffler in relation to engine: 4°


One O.S. Max .46AXII ABL airplane engine
Power Box muffler
A3 Glow plug
3x35mm Cap head muffler screws
Extension Cable for remote needle
3x35mm Cap head muffler screws
Warranty sheet
Decal sheet
Illustrated instruction manual


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