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Latest 2.4Ghz Futaba T8FG Super + R6208SB radio system! Built-in 12 channels + 2 VR channels 2.4Ghz module, very light in weight, about 600g (810g with battery). NEW R6208SB supports the new high voltage servo and high speed communication with Futaba’s digital servos to provide real-time action for your aircarft, plus the new S.Bus system which makes the wirings much simple.

You may control your airplanes, helis and gliders all with this single 2.4Ghz T8FG Super transmitter! The software is upgradeable via SD Card with the flash switch. The software menu is available in 9 languages: English, Japanses, Deutsch, French, Italiano, Espanol, Dutch, Russian and čeština.

The new and innovative Futaba 8FG Super is the perfect radio for those sport pilots looking to take the next step forward in their flying , as it offers full 8channel FASST 2.4Ghz performance, allied to trend setting new styling and fast and ultra simple programming with its unique touch sensor input. Supplied complete with the new R6108SB receiver, the transmitter is fitted with 1700mAh Ni-MH for extended operating time.

It’s priced hundreds of dollars less than the closest competition, so it’s a great buy. But it also offers features the competition doesn’t, including some that have previously been found only on very high-end systems…and one that isn’t available anywhere else. It could easily be the best 2.4GHz value on the market today, as well as the only radio you’ll ever need.

A superb value for upper-level sport pilots as well as pilots breaking into competitive venues.
It’s the first Futaba system with SensorTouch™ programming, a feature that puts the power to move through menus and complete setup in record time at your fingertips.
Includes a huge number of factory-defined mixes that help you program like a pro – and enjoy the best of the 8FG’s potential.
Accepts 32MB to 2GB SD memory cards* – you can add as much…or as little…memory as you want.
Low latency and cutting-edge 2048 resolution combine for exceptionally fast, accurate Real-Time Response™.
Offers FASST trademark dependability with a single R6008FS receiver. No “satellite” or “specialty” receivers required.
Package Content:
1 x Futaba T8FG 8ch 2.4GHz Transmitter
1 x Futaba R6208SB 8ch 2.4GHz High Speed and High Voltage S.Bus Receiver
1 x HT6F1700B 7.2V 1700mAh NiMH Transmitter Battery
1 x HBC-2C (4) Battery Charger, 220V
1 x On/Off Switch Harness, FUTM4385
1 x English Manual
R6208SB S.Bus Receiver:R6208SB is a new version 2.4Ghz S.Bus 8-channel Receiver from Futaba.

S. BUS / High Voltage / 2.4GHz FASST / DIVERSITY
Utilizes digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between the receiver and servos using S.Bus hubs and cables (available separately)
Easy programming with the SBC-1 Channel Setting Tool (FUTM4190), S-Bus receivers or PCLink software
SBD-1 decoder cables (not included) allow the use of existing analog and digital servos
Limited only by the available number of channels on transmitter
Prevents mismatched servo/channel connections

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Product Description


8 proportional channels
2 switched channels
Integrated FASST 2.4GHz design
2048 resolution
SensorTouch™ programming
Airplane, heli & glider software
20-model internal
Mode 1-4 selectable
Direct access to timers, channel mode & model selection
2-touch access to system, linkage & model menus
Compatible with 32MB to 2GB SD Memory Cards*
Assignable switches/functions
10-character user & model naming
Model select, copy & reset
Data transfer
All-channel & battery fail-safes
Sub-trims, servo reversing, dual rates, expo & EPA with limits
Digital trims & memory, with step and % options
128 x 64 backlit LCD w/auto-off timer, normal/large timer display options, adjustable contrast & brightness
Servo cycle w/bar graph displays
Model & system timers
Trainer system w/channel/function options
Sticks w/ball-bearing gimbals, length & tension adjustments

Airplane Features

7 wing types
5 programmable mixes, plus:
Aileron/Rudder mix
Rudder/Aileron mix
Rudder/Elevator mix
Snap roll
Fuel mix
5-point throttle curve
Throttle delay
Gyro Function w/up to 3 gyro rates
Motor menu w/speed adjustment
Heli Features

6 swash plate types
5 programmable mixes, plus:
4 swash mixes (aileron/elevator, elevator/aileron, pitch/aileron & pitch/elevator)
3 throttle mixes (to aileron, elevator & rudder)
5-point fuel & pitch/rudder mixing
5 conditions w/delay per channel
5-point throttle & pitch curves
Throttle hold
Hovering throttle & pitch
High/low pitch rates
Gyro functions
Governor functions

Glider Features

10 wing types
5 programmable mixes, plus:
Aileron/Rudder mix
Rudder/Aileron mix
5 conditions w/delay per channel
4 virtual mixing channels
Gyro functions w/separate rates for up to 3 gyros
Motor menu w/speed adjustment


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