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SG651 – GOBLIN BLACK NITRO 650 YELLOW/CARBON (With ThunderBolt Main And Tail Blades)

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Nitro helicopters enter a new dimension with the Goblin.

High center of gravity with an optimized 650 mm blades rotor give the helicopter extreme agility and amazing performance, which is incredible for a nitro machine!

In addition to the flight characteristics, we have paid special attention to making all maintenance work quick and easy. The SAB modular concept allows you to remove the engine unit and the tank in just a few minutes.

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Product Description

This is the SAB Goblin Black Nitro Flybarless Helicopter Kit. Featuring 650mm SAB TB “Thunder Bolt” Main, and matching tail blades pilots will experience a nitro helicopter like never before with flexibility from sport flying, to high headspeed, high pitch smack 3D flying. Additionally SAB designers have paid special attention to common nitro design features and request, and have opted for a physically higher than average engine, pipe, and transmission mounting which equates to a higher CG (center of gravity) to optimize flying characteristics. Furthermore the fuel tank is placed directly under the main shaft so that as your flight goes on, there is a minimal effect of throwing off the CG from the beginning of the tank to the end of the tank.

Moving into the nitro market allowed for additional improvements and advancements to the nitro design styles, and overall experience with the model. With that being said SAB has opted for a simplistic installation, and removal of the engine unit. The engine unit can be installed or removed in minutes as it only utilizes 4 bolts for mounting into the frames. No accessory components such as the muffler, or fan shroud need to be left off or removed for installation, or removal of the engine unit to the Black Nitro, making the build and further maintenance a breeze.

The same user experience is in mind in regards to the fuel tank, and fuel system. The tank is held in by 3 bolts, and will allow pilots to quickly install, remove, inspect, and replace any items needing attention in a timely and painless fashion.

The patent pending horizontal servo mounting system directs servo torque directly to the flybarless main rotor system via short, stiff linkage rods that rotate via bearing raced support. This system is strong, allowing power transfer to be as direct as mechanically possible, resulting in precision and rigidity that is simply unmatched.

Black Nitro Features At A Glance:

Matte Black Rotor Head
SAB Thunder Bolt “TB” Main and Tail Blades
Starter shaft, clutch stack, fan, fan hub, and motor pulley are installed on one single shaft
Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness
Updated dampened tail rotor system, slop free, very durable
Quick canopy release, allows for easy installation and removal of the canopy
Canopy saver, protects the canopy edges from scuffing

Standard Features:

Modular Power System – Simple, Elegant, Beautiful: With the removal of a small handful of bolts, the entire power system will arise from the Goblin – cyclic servos, engine, rotor system, main gear system – allowing this helicopter to be adjusted and repaired with great ease.
Dual Belt Driven Performance – Simple, Robust, Light Weight: By utilizing a belt driven main motor, immense power can be transferred without the fear of gear failure. Belt driven systems are amazingly efficient, incredibly durable, and best of all, belt drive systems are ethereally light in weight, cutting out the complexity, noise and added weight of a torque tube drive system.
Aerodynamic Boom Shroud – Form & Function in One Beautiful Package: Italian designing takes one step further, coalescing the aerodynamic canopy with a near seamless transition to a carbon fiber tail boom covering. This aerodynamic shroud brings a unique beauty to the SAB Goblin, serving as an aerodynamic element that allows the Goblin to traverse the skies at mach speeds. Speed and power has never looked so good.
CNC Aluminum Flybarless Main Rotor System – Nothing but the Best: Taking full advantage of flybarless technology, the SAB Black Nitro is offered in a flybarless kit only, utilizing a bearing raced blade grip control system for the absolute in precision & control. Nothing was held back throughout this build, and you can expect nothing less when the Goblin takes flight.
Light Weight Build – Power that can be Used Like No Other: By building the SAB Goblin with a keen eye on weight, SAB engineers were able to shave critical weight by utilizing carbon fiber materials & a dual belt driven gear system, which brings the Goblin to new worlds of power & performance.
Patented Carbon Fiber Tail Boom – Strong, Light & Vibration Free: Reinforced with CNC aluminum for the utmost in strength, the patented carbon fiber tail system eliminates vibrations, allowing maximum rotor speeds to be achieved without the fear of vibration.
SAB Thunder Bolt Rotor Blades: Thunder Bolt blades are a drastic redesign of the older Black Line blades SAB offered. The TB Blades feature a variable profile and chord width from end to end, allowing for optimal lift at each critical point of the blade. This allows the TB Blades to be up to 20% more efficient than the Black Line blades. The tip of the blade has also been changed, to that of a tapered style which allows for increased efficiency, and lower noise due to lack of wasted energy in flight.

Main rotor diameter: 1468mm w/650mm blades
Main blade length: 650mm (Optional upgrade for stretch to 690/710)
Main shaft diameter: 12mm
Tail shaft diameter: 6mm
Spindle diameter: 10mm
Estimated weight: 4700g


(1) SAB Goblin Black Nitro – Kit Only
(1) SAB Thunder Bolt 650mm Carbon Fiber Main Rotor Blade Set
(1) SAB Thunder Bolt Carbon Fiber Tail Rotor Set

Needed To Complete:

2.4GHz Transmitter & Receiver (7-channel or more, helicopter system)
Nitro Motor: .91-1.20
(3) Cyclic Servos (Standard Size, 40mm; High Torque Recommended)
(1) Tail Rotor Servo (Standard Size, 40mm)
Nitro Fuel: 15%-30%
3-Axis Flybarless System
Compatible Battery Charger
Pitch Gauge
Various tools, lubes & greases for setup and assembly


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