RJX Tri-Blade High-Speed Propeller 3 Leaf Props 5045 4 Pairs/8pieces(4CW/4CCW)

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Key Product Features:

RJXHOBBY Series High-end Propeller,faster reaction offer Hi-Speed performance even better than Bullnose Version.
EASIER CORNERING & LESS NOISE will show you what's the meanning of well balanced. Larger frontal area.
EXCELLENT AERODYNAMICS DESIGN make Tri-Blade Propeller best for drone racing for mini Multi-rotor, Quadcopters.
RJXHOBBY Propeller offer you more choices and attract more attention during your next RC racing.
Hi-Quality production with better materials offer more durable propeller than the cheap ones in the market.

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Product Description

Product Description


RJXHOBBY 5045 tri-Blades color Propeller for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter, we have strict QC and introduce professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration. It is marked unbroken.


Item name: RJXHOBBY 5045 Props
Inner diameter (Prop Mount): 5mm
High quality material, it is flexible and durable, and can survive from crashes.
Material: PC Alloy
Color: Green

Package Including

4 * RJC 5045 3 Blades Propellers(CW)
4 * RJC 5045 3 Blades Propellers(CCW)


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