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OMPHOBBY BIGHORN 49” Balsa Airplane Pro Flap PNP

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Product Description

  • Bighorn 49” Pro wing has a large flaperon design, which gives the aircraft an incredible short- distance take -off and landing capability. Coupled with a large rudder and lift, the aircraft has 3D flight skills.and has exaggerated big feet, so that the aircraft can adapt to various harsh terrain take-off and landing. Strong Power Long Endurance Acrobatic Flight.



High quality: Equipment SUNNYSKY motor/ESC OMPHOBBY Servo.

PNP: Assemble in ten minutes.

Super rigid: Foam plane can not be compared.

High playability: Ultra short take-off and landing, flaperon mixing, air brake, super slow flight.

3D Flight: The perfect fusion of upper single-wing practice aircraft and sports aircraft brings ultimate performance.

All-terrain take-off and landing:strong landing gear, CNC axles and large wheels to overcome all harsh terrain.

Parameter Specification

Wing Span: 1250mm(49in)

Full Length: 1040mm(41in)

Flight Weight: 1.55kg

Wing Area: 34.67d㎡

Wing Load: 44.7g/d㎡

Wing Angle of Incidence: 1.5°

Motor Thrust Angles: Down 2° & Right 4°

Pack Dimension: 101*29*23 (L*H*W)cm

Gross Weight: 6.65KG

The Center of Gravity (CG)

Approx. 58-66mm (measured from wing leading edge at root)

Power System

Motor: Sunnysky 2820

ESC: 40A

Propeller: Eolo 13x7E/12×6.5E

Lipo battery:3S/4S 2200-2600mah


OMPHOBBY SG5 17g *6  (Aileron*2,Flap *2, Elevator*1, Rudder*1)

Cord/lead: 300mm*2,600mm*4

Servo Arm: 17g, 0.9″plastic servo arm

Recommended Settings of Dual Rates and Exponential of Control Surfaces

Aileron:  Low rate 60 deg.  40% expo

High rate 100 deg.  40% expo

Elevator:  Low rate 50 deg.  30% expo

High rate 100 deg.  30%expo

Rudder:  Low rate 60 deg.  30% expo

High rate 100 deg.  30% expo

Flap:  Low rate 80 deg.

High rate 100 deg.




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