MAMBA MK4 F722 MINI Flight Controller 20mm/M2

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Product Description

Here is Diatone’s Mamba F722 Mini MK4 flight controller. This fourth generation of FC brings in particular more space thanks to the new style of pads which will reduce welding errors.

Upon receiving your FC,please connect to USB and calibrate before continuing to build and solder to it.

FC Specifications

MCU: 216MHz STM32F722
OSD: AT 7456E
Blackbox: 16M Flash Memory
Uarts: 6Set
I2C : Yes
F.Port : Yes
Buzzer Pad : Yes
CURR Pad : Yes
ESC Signal : 8 set
BEC 3.3V : 0.5V
BEC 5V : 2.5A
BEC 9V : 2A
MB LED : Yes
BF LED : Yes
Air unit port : Yes
WIFI : SpeedyBee APP
VTX Switch : Yes
BEC Protection : Yes
Receiver protection : Yes
TVS Protection : Yes
Input : 6S Lipo
Soft ware : Betaflight
Mounting : 20x20mm/M2
Size : 29×29.5×6.5mm
Weight : 6.0g


1x MK4 F722 MINI FC
5x Silicone damper M3
5x Silicone damper M2
5x M3 ESC insulation column
5x M2 ESC insulation column
1x 8pin single-ended cable for FC
2x 8pin cable
1x 6pin cable for air unit


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