Hitec HS-81 Micro Servo

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Product Description

The Hitec HS-81 is a high quality low cost 17g “size” analog servo. It is light weight and a good choice for most planes with 17g servos. The resin gear train is very reliable and the torque and speed of this servo is very good for the price. The servo features a universal connector which works with nearly all receivers. It will fit Futaba J, Hitec S, JR, and Airtronics Z-type Connectors. See specifications tab for full specs.

Resin gears
Light weight
Universal connector
High torque


One HS-81 Micro Servo with 6-3/4″ connector wire
One 7/8″x7/8″ X-shaped servo horn
One 1-1/8″ long straight servo horn
Two brass eyelets
Two mounting screws
Two servo grommets
One servo horn screw


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