Xnova “Tareq Edition” 3215-930KV Brushless Motor (900Kv)

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This is the Xnova “Tareq Edition” 3215-930KV Brushless Motor. The Xnova Tareq Special Edition was carefully optimized and tested under the watchful eye of Tareq himself to deliver the power he needs for his insane style of extreme 3D flying. All XTS motors are 100% hand-wound and each motor runs through a complete quality control test before shipping.

Product Description


Designed for extreme 3D flying
Developed with Tareq Alsaadi for SAB-Goblin 380 helicopter
High quality Neo Magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degree C
Specialized wires, heat resistance up to 250 degree C
Precise balanced
High performance stator metal sheet
High quality NMB bearings
Marked leading high efficiency up to 90%
Cooler running
Superb quality and machining of CNC parts
Hand wound single strand wire

Slots & Poles: 12n10p
Winding T: YY
rpm/V: 930
Volt (V): 10 / 22.2
Io(A): 1.3 / 2.1
Rm (mohm): 28 / 28
Weight (without connector): 160g
Body Length (no shaft): 40.0mm
Diameter: 40.5mm
Shaft Length: 22mm
Shaft Dia.: 5mm
Mounting Holes CTC Distance: 25mm
Mounting Screw: M3x0.5
Max Eff. Curr.: 21.55 / 40.80
Max Eff.: 87.93 / 89.71
Kt (Nm/A): 0.0103
Km (Nm/sqrt(w)): 0.0614
Max Continuous Power(Watts): 1280
Peak Continuous Power(Watts) (2 sec): 1700
Max Continuous Current(Amps): 58


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