Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 G4 Nitro Flybarless Helicopter Kit

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Product Description

This is the Thunder Tiger Raptor 90 G4 Nitro Flybarless Heli Kit. With an innovative design that leaps far ahead of the competition, the bold 90-size Raptor G4 is going to unleash your imagination. The G4 has been designed from a clean slate for a truly innovative configuration; with the ability to use either flybar or flybarless rotor systems, as well as the option of setting it up for either a nitro engine or electric power! High performance, smooth, fast and agile. The G4 is equally capable of winning F3C contests or 3D competitions with all the features and quality you need to make your flying dreams come true.

Product Description


Easy & fast conversion between flybared or flybarless rotor systems
Hardened 15mm steel main shaft
Adjustable Bell-Hiller mixing ratio can be set for F3C or 3D (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)
Aerodynamic carbon paddle (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)
Collective pitch range +/-15 degrees (Raptor 90G4 & Raptor E720)
High-quality, color shifting preprinted FRP canopy
Lightweight and rugged landing skid for low center of gravity
Rigid 2mm carbon main frame
Lightweight, high quality screws & hardware
All metal servo horns & control arms assembly eliminate the need for upgrades
Lightweight and vented, high-duty 17mm helical main gear
Innovative Quick-calibration system
A easy conversion between nitro and electric powering
Heavy-duty helical bevel tail gears
Lightweight, one-piece machined metal tail case
All metal, high–precision & heavy-duty tail rotor system
Efficient torque tube drive system for crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer
Easy-install rudder rod guide
Lightweight one-piece metal tail boom bracket
3D carbon vertical fin and carbon tail boom support

Full Length of Fuselage (mm/in.): 1.367mm (53.8″)
Full Width of Fuselage (mm/in.): 221mm (8.7″)
Total Height (mm/in.): 462mm (1.82″)
Main Rotor Dia (mm/in.): 690~720mm (27.2~28.3″) / 1.584~1.644mm (62.4~64.7″)
Tail Rotor Dia (mm/in.): 105mm (4.1″) / 280mm (11.0″)
Gear Ratio: 1:7.92:4.67 (fixed ratio)
Full Equipped Weight (g/lbs.): 4,300-gram (9.48lbs)

Needed to Complete:

6-channel helicopter radio system (or higher)
Servos (3- cyclic/pitch, 1- tail rotor, 1 throttle)
3-Axis flybarless gyro system
Receiver battery pack
.91-.120 sized nitro engine with muffler
690-710mm main rotor blades


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