OMG-ST-20DF 20kg High Precision metal high voltage servo

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Product Description

Special desgin for 1:10 RC car and above 1.4M plane. Standard profile , full metal brush motor high voltage servo, top & middle cover in full metal, CNC precise engraving, bottom cover in plastic, stainless steel gear. Standard level servo


Model: OMG-ST-20DF Appearance: all metal CNC finishing, the bottom shell is plastic Gear: stainless steel gear Motor: strong magnetic motor Circuit board: brushed numbers Waterproof: splash-proof Working voltage: 4.8-8.4V The fastest speed: 7.4V-0.12sec/60° 8.4V-0.11sec/60° Locked-rotor torque: 7.4V-20kgf.cm 8.4V-22kgf.cm Output gear: 25T Product size: 40x20x38mm Product weight: 66g Operating stroke: 180±10°(500-2500μsec) Rotation direction: 180°(1000-2000μsec) Angle limit: 220 Neutral point: 1520μsec Maximum stroke: ≈180°(500-2500μsec) Pulse width range: 500-2500μsec Death drive pulse width: 2μsec Wire length: JR350 mm Wire model: #22PVC


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