ManiaX LiPo 6S 1300mAh 22,2V FPV Race 130C

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Product Description

The ManiaX Power FPV Race LiPo Batteries are characterized by:

– More number of cycles with less wear
– High charge rate
– High voltage under full load
– Constant voltage level
– Power until the end of the flight
– Low internal resistance
– Low heating even under full load
– Top performance / discharge rate / weight ratio

Technical specifications:
– Voltage: 22,2V
– Capacity: 1300mAh
– Discharge rate: 130C (169A)
– Discharge rate Peak: 260C (338A)
– Charging current: 1-3C Max 5C
– Dimensions H*W*L : 38*39*82mm
– Weight: 226 g
– Balancer connector: XH (JST-XHR-3P)
– Discharge cable length: 8,5cm
– Discharge cable: 12AWG
– Discharge connector: XT60


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