Lumenier AXII HD 2 Patch Visor 5.8GHz Antenna Combo Set for DJI FPV Goggles

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Lumenier AXII HD 2 Patch Visor 5.8GHz Antenna Combo Set for DJI FPV Goggles
The Lumenier AXII HD 2 5.8GHz Patch Visor Antennas are specially designed to fit the DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles.

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This is the Lumenier AXII HD 2 Patch Visor 5.8GHz Antennas Combo Set for DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles. A set of circular polarized, directional antennas specifically made for the DJI FPV Goggles. Designed to provide long range 5.8Ghz video reception in a compact form factor.

Building on the success of the original AXII HD antennas, the new AXII HD 2 improve on both looks and performance. Finally, a high-quality set of antennas designed as a direct replacement and upgrade for your stock DJI antennas for the DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles. The AXII HD 2 antennas were designed from the ground up to be a perfect match for the DJI goggles. The AXII HD 2 antennas feature a custom molded semi-transparent visor with embeded antennas inside. This provides a low profile, sleek looking, direct connect RP-SMA antenna solution, and all this with improved performance.

The Lumenier AXII HD 2 5.8GHz Patch Antenna offers you the highest performance you can get from a high gain mini patch antenna designed for DJI Digital HD FPV. The Lumenier AXII HD Patch has a high 8.4 dBiC gain for long range flying and excellent penetration through objects compared to standard omnidirectional FPV antennas. It also features an incredible 92% efficiency (most mini patch antennas are below 75%), which means you get amazing performance and the best picture in your video goggles. Lumenier, designed in collaboration with renowned FPV antenna designer Hugo of TrueRC, brings you the Lumenier AXII HD 5.8GHz Patch Antenna.
Form Fitting Design for DJI HD FPV Goggles

Not only do the AXII HD 2 Antennas have awesome performance, but they do it in an ultra-compact form factor with a custom injection-molded polycarbonate visor. This makes the antenna an ideal choice for your DJI HD system. Each Patch antenna comes pre-installed inside the visor making install a breeze. Since it is so small and compact you don’t have to worry about bumping into things while wearing these antennas like other larger and heavier high gain antennas. Super easy to store in your travel bag as well, and no need to remove the antennas while traveling.

The injection molded polycarbonate case of the Micro AXII 2 Stubby fully protects the antenna elements inside allowing for easy, worry-free storage. The case is sealed with an ultra-sonic weld and is shock-resistant to protect from accidental drops.
High Gain & Wide Beam Width

Generally, with such a high gain antenna you would have to sacrifice the effective FOV (field of view) or beam width, but with the AXII HD 2 Patch Antenna you get the best of both worlds: High gain and wide beam width! The AXII HD Patch will give you 8.4dBiC gain while still covering over 76 degrees of horizontal beam and 68 degrees vertically. This means the antenna is more forgiving and can still give you a clear picture even if you aren’t pointed exactly at your aircraft or transmitter.
Custom Colors to Match Your Style

Complete your look by choosing the color that matches your style. You can blend in with the sleek Smoke Grey color or stand out with bright colors in Blue, Green, Orange, or White.

The Lumenier AXII HD 2 Antennas are produced with high quality, low loss materials. The material is key to a good quality antenna, and even more so when it comes to performance. This technology along with precision manufacturing results in a top of the line receiving antenna.
Improvements over V1

Higher gain for longer range and improved signal penetration
Wider FOV (Field of View) for better overall coverage
Improved efficiency for improved signal reception/transmission
Antennas embedded into custom injection-molded faceplate for better protection
15 degrees of up-tilt built into the antenna mount improves signal


Designed for DJI HD Digital FPV Goggles, form fitting
Compact low-profile design on your goggles, easy to store and transport
High gain directional antennas
LHCP Circular Polarization
Blue, Green, Orange, White, or Smoke Gray color choices
Premium quality and performance
Every antenna is QC checked for guaranteed best performance

AXII HD 2 Patch Antenna

Model: Lumenier AXII HD V2 Patch Visor Antenna
Frequency: 5.8GHz
Bandwidth: 220 Mhz
Gain: 8.4 dBiC
VSWR: 1:1.1
Radiation Efficiency: 95%
Beam Width: 76° H. 76° V.
Polarization: (LHCP) Left Hand Circularly Polarized
Connector: RP-SMA (Fits DJI Goggles directly, not to be used on standard SMA)
Weight: 33g

Micro AXII HD 2 Stubby Antenna

Gain: 1.9dbic
Axial ratio: 1.0 (near perfect)
Bandwidth: 5.3GHz-6.2GHz
Radiation Efficiency: 99%
Cross-Polar Rejection: -15 to -30dB (1.9%)
Beam Width: 360 degrees (omni-directional)
SWR: <=1.5:1 Weight: 3.5g Connector: RP-SMA Works great as both a transmitting or receiving antenna Compatible with other styles of 5.8GHz LHCP antennas Polarization: (LHCP) Left Hand Circularly Polarized Patented Design: US. Pat. Design by TrueRC of Canada and manufactured by Lumenier Includes 1x Lumenier AXII HD 2 5.8GHz Patch Visor Antennas (LHCP) 2x Micro AXII HD 2 Stubby Antennas Only need the Patch antennas?, you can Order the AXII HD 2 Patch Visor alone here without stubbies.


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