KST BLS915 V2.0 Brushless Standard Servo

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Product Description

The KST BLS915 V2 is the successor to the KST BLS915 (V1).

The KST BLS915 V2 is a top class swashplate servo for 3D aerobatics. The BLS 915 V2 is absolutely robust thanks to the aluminum housing and the improved steel gearbox.

The KST BLS915 V2 offers the following advantages over the BLS815.

Due to the stronger brushless motor and more powerful electronics in conjunction with the hardened steel gearbox, the BLS915 V2 is clearly a class above the BLS815.

The new housing with cooling fins extends the temperature range of the servo to 65 ° C.

The high positioning speed in conjunction with the offered performance, the KST BLS915V2 HV is very well suited for advanced 3D helicopter pilots.

Ideal for helicopters of the 600 to 700 class.

Please refer to the servo specification of the model manufacturer when selecting the servos.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: DC 6.0v-8.4v

Dimensions: 40.50 * 20 * 38mm

25kg.cm @ 8.4v
22kg.cm @ 7.4v
18kg.cm @ 6.0v

0.07sec / 60 ° @ 8.4v
0.08sec / 60 ° @ 7.4v
0.09sec / 60 ° @ 6.0v

Weight: 78g
Working Frequency : 1520us / 333hz
Engine: brushless
Ball Bearing: 2 compartment


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