Hobbywing FLYFUN-130A-HV-OPTO-V5

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Product Description

Features of HobbyWing V5 Series Electronic Speed Controllers:

● DEO Technology / Active Freewheeling: the DEO technology (Driving Efficiency Optimization) implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages:
– Rapider and smoother throttle response, better stability and flexibility during flight.
– Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
– Lower ESC temperature, more reliable operation.

● Soft Start-ups & Reverse Brake
– New soft start-up modes are applicable to regular propeller aircraft and EDF aircraft with different sizes. With Reverse Brake mode enabled when landing can effectively shorten the sliding distance of the aircraft to simulate the landing of a real aircraft (within a super short-distance). Normal Brake Mode, Proportional Brake mode, and Brake Disabled mode are also available; the brake amount is adjustable in normal brake mode while in proportional brake mode, the brake force will be automatically allotted on the basis of the position of radio throttle stick.

● High-power BEC (not applicable on HV OPTO models)
– High-power switch-mode BEC with continuous/peak current of 8A/20A and voltage adjustable among 5.2V, 6.0V and 7.4V allows users to have more electronic devices or devices with higher power like servo, flight controller, and on-board light on their aircraft.

● Multiple Protections
– Multiple protection features include start-up, over-current, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal, overload, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and abnormal input voltage effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC.

● New Design & Great performance
– New design brings exquisite look and good heat-dissipating performance. Imported components and the PCB (printed circuit board) with extremely low impedance adopted by the ESC guarantee great current endurance, excellent performance and high reliability. The ESC is available in high-voltage/regular version with different Amps.

● Multiple Programmable Parameters
– FlyFun V5 130A and 160A HV models will only allow programming changes using LED program card (purchase separately) and do not support “Transmitter” or “Stick” setting adjustments as the weblisting and manuals state.


● Continuous/peak current: 130A / 160A
● Input voltage: 6-14s lipo
● SBEC output: None (OPTO)
● Wire size/length: 10AWG 150mm (motor side) / 150mm (battery side)
● Connectors: None
● Dimensions: 110 x 50.3 x 33.2mm
● Weight: 221.5g


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