GEPRC SPEEDX2 2105.5 2650KV Motor

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The GEPRC new generation brushless motor SPEEDX2 2105.5 is an exceedingly innovative brushless motor with an avant-garde style and unique design.

The lightweight design greatly reduces the weight, only 21.0g. The flat motor shape with the exquisite “Hollow out” design in the top of the rotor can be used in improving the efficiency of heat dissipation, the advantage is maintaining a lower temperature for the running motor.

Using customized high-quality materials and professional magnetic circuit design,the SPEEDX2 2105.5 motor with good handling and stably aggressive power. Bringing pilots a super smooth flying experience.

In term of high strength structure design, SPEEDX2 2105.5 also has good durability and crash resistance.It’s a ideal motor for every pilot building their own 3-4 inch FPV quads or 4-5 inch long range FPV quads.

We’ve been pursuing a lighter weight, more responsive, more efficient and more powerful brushless motor.

1. Lightweight design, only 21.0g.

2. High-quality arc magnetic steel, professional magnetic field design, strong magnetic force, stable motor power output.

3. The flat design motor is very prominent in Freestyle & Racing. Large motor torque, strong explosive force, and extremely fast response speed.

4. Good handling and stable power output bring a super smooth flying experience.

5.The Exquisite “Hollow out” design in the top of the rotor can be used in improving the efficiency of heat dissipation.

6. High-strength motor structure, good durability and crash resistance.

7.The 1.5mm shaft is quite suitable for most of the conventional 3-5 inch FPV quad propellers on the market.

8.Suitable for 3-4 inch FPV quads and 4-5 inch long range FPV quads.
Item: SPEEDX2 2105.5-2650KV

KV: 2650KV
Configuration: 12N14P
Magnet: N52H ARC
Stator Diameter: 21mm
Stator Height: 5.5mm
Shaft Diameter: Φ3.0mm(in)Φ1.5(out)
Size: Φ25.65mm*15.7mm
Lead Wires: 22#AWG 150mm
No. of Cells (LiPo) : 2-6S
Max Continuous Power(W) (5S): 559
Max Current (5S) : 34.9A
Mounting Holes:12mm x 12mm(M2 Screw)
Color: Titanium, black
Weight: 21.0 g
Suitable Quadcopter:3-4”whoop FPV, 4-5″Toothpick & Long Range FPV


1 x SPEEDX2 2105.5 Motor

5 x M2*6mm Screw

5 x M2*7mm Screw


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