Ethix Neck Strap V2

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Introducing our V2 transmitter lanyard. The original Ethix lanyard has been a staple in the fpv community for many years now. With a few years and a more R&D under our belt, we made a few small tweaks that I think really complete the package. Finally, a neck pad that stays where you want it to be. Adding a velcro patch stops the pad from slipping freely along the strap. The fluffy velcro is located on the outside of the strap in case you want to rock no pad. Our new neck pad is also wider, more breathable, and more comfortable than before. We also made the Ethix logo black for a more modern look. The clasp and length of the strap remain the same as V1.

VIDEO: Transmitter Neck Strap | ETHiX


Velcro located on outside for use without neck pad
Wider, breathable, and more comfortable
Velcro Patch provides Non-Slip Padding
Modern Black Ethix Logo


Color: Green / Black
Weight: 70g ( .15lb )
Length: Adjustable
Brand: Ethix Ltd.
Version: 2


1x Ethix Neck Strap V2


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