Diatone Wings Ripper R690 FrameKit PNP

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Product Description

Assembling Manual
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Design Feature

Tailored for DJI high-definition digital transmission, equipped with two dedicated bases for digital transmission and simulation, taking into account high strength and lightweight

Thick wing shape, can not only slow and long endurance but also ensure the maneuverability of high-speed maneuvering flight

The cabin adopts a dual-track design, and the aircraft’s center of gravity can be adjusted at will

A new way of fixing the propeller, extremely lightweight

The light-transmitting design of the taillight ensures that the pursuit of the target is clearly visible, and the fun is unlimited

The independent detachable lens plug prevents excessive airflow into the warehouse.

Four magnetic structures, firmly lock the cabin cover

The wing adopts three embedded carbon fiber rods with different angles and a high-strength design, which can easily cope with large loads and high-speed flight.

Horizontal/Vertical Two battery placement methods

Small wingspan, large space, worry-free placement of electronic equipment

The unobstructed intake fluid design ensures that the electronic equipment in the cabin always works coolly


Material:EPP/ABS /Carbon Fibre
Size:Wingspan 690mm Height:88mm Length:415mm
take off weight:350g~750g

CF Szie:
4. 7mm*3. 2mm*400mm (OD * ID * Length, wing tandem bar)
7mm*5mm*170mm (OD * ID * Length, wing embedded stiffener rod)
5mm*1mm*220mm (Width * Thickness * Length, Inset Reinforcements on Wings)

Body space:

battery compartment: 175mm*75mm*55mm (maximum size)
ESC compartment: 70mrn*38mm*20mm (maximum size)
Camera: 20mm*21mm*30mm (maximum size)
Camera protection ring: outer diameter 17. 5 inner diameter 14mm / 15mm, height 12mm

Material: ABS
Minimum flying speed: <27km/h Maximum flight speed: >200+km / h

Over 100km/h, a lens cap must be installed to prevent excessive air from entering and detaching the hatch.
Maximum endurance time:> 70min
Maximum cruising range: >45km

Include: Frame Kit – No electronic Parts inside

Recommend (Not include):
Recommend Power: 2205/2350kv
Recommend Battery: 3-4s Recommend :ESC: 35A
3S 6inch Biblades / 4S 5inch Biblades

3-4S 1550 -2200MAH 6S 1300-1550MAH

HEE WING RX-1.0 User Manual


Motor: FX-2205/2350 kv
Battery: 2~4s
Propeller: 5*5E/6*4e
Servo: digital 9g
Thrust: ≥920 g(6*4 Prop)

BNF KIT=PNP+Receiver

Receiver optional:
Mamba MSR Receiver(Frsky RXSR)/ TBS CRSF Receiver


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