800 Upgrade Tail Assembly H80001A

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●Use for T-REX 700E / 700N / 700F3C.

●Tail Boom x 1(Φ20.3xΦ21.5x885mm)
●Torque Tube x 1(M7.2xΦ8x878mm)
●Torque tube end x 2
●Bearing MR148ZZ x 2(Φ8xΦ14x4mm)
●Carbon Tail Control Rod x 1(Φ2.7xΦ5x858mm)
●Linkage Rod C x 2(Φ2.5xΦ23mm)
●700NFL Ball Link x 2(Φ5xΦ20.5mm)
●Tail Control Guide x 1(Φ21.5xΦ26×46.85mm)
●Tail Control Guide sleeve x 1(Φ21.5xΦ26×46.85mm)
●Carbon Tail Control Rod sleeve x 2(Φ2.6xΦ6x11mm)
●Torque Tube Bearing Holder x 2(Φ14xΦ20.7x13mm)
●Socket button head self tapping screw x 1(T4x10mm)

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