T-Motor AT3520-5 KV880 Brushless Motor

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Permanetly lubricated EZO Japanese bearings
All stators are made from 0.2mm Sukucib laminations from Japan for maximum efficiency and minimum eddy current loss. High Quality Stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorts.
Specially designed N45uh Magnets that are rated to 200C .
High quality oxygen free copper wire windings that are rated to 180C .
Fully CNC Machined Rotor and Housing that is dynamically balanced to run vibration free.


AT3520-5 KV880
Dimensions: Dia.43×45 mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
KV: 880
Weight: 207g
Number of Cells: 3-6S LiPo
Continuous Current (3 min): 60A
Continuous Power (15 sec): 1300W
Typical Thrust: 3.8-4.2kg


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