Silver medium Size Lipo Battery Guard Sleeve/Bag for Charge & Storage

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Our take: Charging and storing LiPo and LiFe batteries just got safer with this new LiPo Guard Storage Bag from Tenergy. This charging bag features heat and fire resistant construction, making it suitable for charging a wide variety of batteries. LiPo and LiFe batteries can cause fires if not charged or stored properly, which is why this bag makes it a must-have for all airsoft players who have these types of batteries. To use this safety bag, connect your battery to the appropriate charger (do not leave battery unattended). Once it is connected, place the battery inside the bag and close the flap. Additionally, this LiPo bag can be used to store any type of batter and require no maintenance.

– Fire and heat resistant construction
– No maintenance required
– Perfect for LiPo and LiFe batteries
– Easy to use
– Compatible with all batteries

NOTE: Never leave batteries unattended or near flammable items while they are charging.


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