RJX 2.4GHz S-FHSS Compatible receiver

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RJX 2.4GHz S- FHSS Compatible Receiver is designed to use with FUTUBA S-FHSS 2.4GH transmitters, such as T6J,T8J,T10J,T14SG,T18MZ and T18SZ under S-FHSS protocol mode.

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Product Description


4ch servo channels inR4SF under normal status.

S.BUS output support expanding servo channels on the 4th channel of R4SF under special status.

6.8mS small latency supply enhancement smooth flight.


Voltage Range :3.6~8.5v

Operating Current::45mA max

Operation temperature;-10~70 deg C


Sensitivity: about -95dBm for R4SF

Weight: 7g for R4SF

Bind procedure:

Turn on the S-FHSS transmitter

Connect the battery to the receiver while pressing receiver’s F/S button.

Red LED light on and Green LED off when searching signals ,and turn to Green LED light on and Red LED off indicate bind is succeeded.

Special/Normal mode switch guide;

lf your receiver has been linked with your transmitter ,please power off your transmitter. when your receiver’s LED light red, push down and hold the button on your receiver for more than 5 seconds and not more than 10 seconds, release the button to see the green led flash ,push down the button again right now, receiver get back to light red. Now the MODE status has changed between Special mode and Normal mode. When green led flash low indicate normal mode to special mode ,and green led flash fast indicate special mode to normal mode .

NOTE: if you want to reset the receiver to normal mode, you can rebind the receiver to your transmitter.


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