ManiaX Power LiPo 12S 5100mAh 44.4V eXtreme Series 70C

8,900,000 Tomans


Product Description

This is the ManiaX Power 44.4V 12S 70C LiPo Battery Pack with 5100mAh capacity. This 12S battery is intended for use with large scale airplanes and helicopters; such as the Goblin, Outrage, Align and Thunder Tiger 600, 700 and 800 sized models. The ManiaX Power LiPo batteries are characterized by:

– More cycles with less wear
– High charging rate
– High voltage level under load
– Constant voltage – Power until the end of the flight
– Low internal resistance
– Low heating even under full load
– Top performance / discharge rate – / Weight ratio

Technical data:
– Voltage: 44.4V
– Capacity: 5100mAh
– Permanent discharge rate: 70C
– Short-term discharge rate: 140C
– Charging current: 1-3C max. 5C
– Dimensions H x W x L: 54*49*310mm
– Weight: 1700g
– Balancer plug : XH
Discharge cable length : 12cm – Discharge cable: 8AWG
– Discharge plug: XT90


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