KST BLS 825 MG coreless HV full size servo 35kg

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Perfect fit for 70 – 88 size 3d aircraft

KST BLS825 metal gear brushless HV servo

The KST BLS825 servo is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and was developed especially for surface models.

Due to the high resetting accuracy, in conjunction with the very robust and backlash-free full metal gearbox, the KST BLS825 is ideal for scale and aerobatic models.

Dimensions: 40.5x20x37 mm

Weight: 70 g

Full aluminum housing

Working voltage: 6.0 – 8.4 V DC

Working frequency: 1520ms / 330Hz

Actuating speed (6.0V): 0.15 sec./60° without load

Actuating speed (7.4V): 0.13 sec./60° without load

Setting speed (8,4V): 0.11 sec./60° without load

Setting torque (6.0V): 25kg.cm

Actuating torque (7,4V): 30 kg.c

Actuating torque (8,4V): 35 kg.cm

Motor: brushless

Potentiometer drive: direct

Type of storage: double ball bearing

Gear type: metal gears


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