ISDT P30 1000WX2 30AX2 Dual Port 8S Battery Charger

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Product Description

The first heavyweight charger from ISDT, the P30 is a dual-channel 8S charger capable of 1500W of output.

Each channel can operate independently, putting out a maximum of 30A, or you can combine the two channels in parallel for synchronous balance charging at up to 50A!

True to ISDT’s tradition, this charger has been engineered to be as small and light as possible, with advanced air convection design and a solid magnesium alloy shell providing effective cooling even in such a small package.

The 3.5″ high-resolution IPS display provides a wealth of information about your batteries, with even more options available with the BattGO system and the ISDT app which connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.


High Power Synchronous Dual Channel, with Smart Charging.

A smart high-speed processor delivers parameter interfere to each port.

Hassle-free with maximum charging power up to 1000W for each port.

Choose ISDT, Powered by Innovation.

Synchronous Parallel charging.

Built-in High Speed Processor Synchronous Balance two channel charging.

Maximum Parallel Charging power up to 1500W.

P30 deliver charging current range from 30A ~ 50A.

High Quality Lightweight Magnesium Alloy shell.

Anodized magnesium alloy shell.

Premium high gloss thin lines finishing by edge’s chamfering process.

A unique appearance featuring a high-efficiency heat dissipation design.

3.5-inch High resolution IPS screen.

Screen provides 320 x 480 resolution.

Displays detailed information including current, capacity, internal resistances and more.

New Air Convection Design for Effective cooling.

Internal structure improve heat dissipation channel rate.

Internal structure improve heat dissipation channel rate.

Greatly improve heat dissipation.

P30 supports Bluetooth Connect Function and Mobile Operations.

Wireless OTA upgrade with APP support.

BattGO supports; Battery voltage, Internal Resistances, Firmware upgrade and more.

Preset charging tasks is available. Simply One-button charging, Hassle Free.

Powerful Performance built in compact size.

Seeking Ultimate Power ratio with Perfect Balance.

Constantly pursue perfection with innovation inspire our customer.


Max Charging Power: Single Channel Max.1000W

Whole Model Max.1500W

Charging Current: 0.2-30.0A

Max Discharging Power: 30WX2

Max Discharging Current: 0.2A-3.0AX2

Input Voltage: DC 10-34V

Ouput Voltage: DC 1-34V

Support Battery: LiFe,Lion,LiPo 1-8S


Pb: 1-12S

NiMH: 1-16S

Size: 110X110X65mm

Weight: 730g

Packaging included:

1X ISDT P30 Charger


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