GEPRC GEP – KX5 Elegant 243mm Frame Kit – GRAY

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Product Description

Main Features:
Structure: the battery center is used as the balance point, which makes the gravity of the whole battery in the middle
● Good for turning because of its good hand-feeling
● The effort and power-supply to the four motors well-distributed
● Lower the calorific value of the motor but improve the use efficiency of the battery
● Thanks to big wheelbase ( 243mm ), true X design, and a wide wheel base ratio, freestyle can move flexibly, lowering the flow disturbing made by each propeller

● 3K pure carbon fiberboard for stronger hardness
● High-accurate strong CNC arm, 14mm arm for smaller wind resistance
● 7075 high-strength aviation aluminum camera and video recorder base, its hardness 50 percent higher than the traditional one
● 12.9-grade hardness YFS screws ensure a good hardness
● Scientific structure to protect the electronic equipment well
● The 2mm bottom board well guarantees the flight control and protects the components from being damaged

Electronic Equipment:
● With LED rear light board ( including the buzzer, to be supported by CF / BF ) and PDB distribution board
● With BEC
● Integrate XT60

Wheelbase: 243mm
Arms board: 4mm
Base board: 2mm
Side board: 1mm

Recommended Parts:
Flight controller: F3 / F4 / Naze32 / CC3D
Motors: 2204 / 2205 / 2206 / 2305 / 2306
ESC: 20 – 35A
Propeller: 5inch
Battery: 3S 1300mAh / 4S 1500mAh


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