Calmato ST EP 1400 Red

1,900,000 Tomans

Ideal flight performance for the perfect introduction to stunt flying. Optimal combination of stability and maneuverability!

Product Description

If you’re ready to step up to a low wing stunt plane, the CALMATO ST EP 1400 is the perfect choice. This optimally balanced airplane combines excellent stability with expert-level maneuverability. The large taper ratio of the main wing and precision design fuselage delivers calm control response while the large control areas produce dynamic stunt flight capability. However, while producing the flight performance expected of a dedicated stunt flier design, the CALMATO ST EP 1400 traces its lines so smoothly though the air it stands apart from other aerobatic airplanes. In addition, the blade tip laminar flow boards included as standard deliver sensational knife edge flight and acceleration. Install the optional canalizer (No.11852-14) and the airplane sticks to its line like a tracer for unshakeable stunt flight performance. And the kit comes in ARF specifications complete with film covering. KYOSHO’s unique design requires no gluing for completion of this fully equipped kit that includes brushless motor, propeller and spinner, and only requires a few additional items. For top-level electric stunt flight, the CALMATO ST EP 1400 is within easy reach of all fliers and budgets.
■Length: 1,173mm ■Width: 1,300mm ■Weight(when fully loaded): 1,700g ■Wing Area: 28.9dm2 ■Wing Load: 58.8g/dm2 ■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical

<Required for operation>
●R/C System: 4ch, 3-servo
●Brushless ESC: 45A+
●LiPO Battery: 11.1V-3,200~3,700mAh
●Charger: Compatible with balance charging
●Batteries for transmitter


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